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Our Winery

In the Vineyard, Honor the Land........In the Winery, Respect the Craft.

Great wine is made in the vineyard. And every vintage has its own unique story to tell. Accordingly, we work with a light hand in the winery, allowing the wine to guide us and speak for itself. We intervene as little as possible, and only when necessary. Such gentle winemaking techniques encourage the creation of wines that reflect the personality of the vineyard rather than the techniques of the cellar. We favor native yeast fermentation and natural malolactic fermentation. Slow fermentation is followed by several quiet undisturbed years of oak barrel aging, yielding wines of extraordinary elegance and depth, and with a vibrancy and resonance that recalls the living vineyard of their origin.

We neither fine nor filter our wines. Bottle ageing takes place in our cellar, thus our wines are ready for your enjoyment upon release, and for years to come. We believe our passion for traditional winemaking is evident in every bottle, resulting in food-friendly wines with true varietal character and a definitive sense of place.

We believe there are no shortcuts to great and authentic wine. True to our principles we continue to focus on hands-on farming and working with Mother Nature to preserve the soul of the wines we grow. At Cristaldi Vineyards we remain committed to crafting truly authentic Estate wines that reflect a sense of time and place. We are honored that we may share our passion with you in celebration with your family and friends.